About Us

Trailer sector in Turkey, CEYLAN is a registered trademark belonging to our company, since 1986. Our brand right is reserved. Our company was founded to manufacture Semitrailer Lowbed in Ostim Organized Industrial Zone. Following the establishment, our company manufacture and design all kinds of trailers (Lowbed,Jumbo, Pilot, Finisher, Semitrailer, Container Vehicle, Under Tanker Chassis,Damper Dorse) are made for special-purpose cargo-load, considering the needs in the industry. It made feel the service differences with quality product by providing traceability of products and production with ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System, in 2004. Our factory in Sarayköy-Kazan/Ankara has been founded in 2007 too. Our company continues to achieve great successes abroad with its exports.

Our company that continues its activities with its branch in Ostim, Ankara and mass production factory in Sarayköy-Kazan/Ankara, are required to follow the latest technology to respond demands and expectations of our customers in the best way, besides it continues to make perpetual improvement. Our company has gained self-rule to achieve customer satisfaction by desired quality and timely delivery of desired product.

CEYLAN TRAILER gives SAE(Society of AutomativeEngineering, Inc) NP9/014 WMI, international valid code, that is recognized internationally as the authority by International Organization for Standardization to its manufacturing. License plate is taken with our Medical Approval Certificate of Vehicles that is given by Industrial Directorships. 

As Ceylan Trailer, our goal is to produce for world market and to be leader to produce competitive in our field. Our purpose is to carry out production facilities and services accordance with the request at the first time, on time and every time. Our company is manufacturing with the equipment / technology that does not damage the environment and human health. Moreover, to provide the best possible prices constitute our company policy.